Friday, 25 March 2011

This week started relatively quietly, and I have to say I was pretty thankful. I had an ultrasound appointment on monday, and I was nervous about it. The baby needed a double check to make sure everything was o.k., and naturally I was concerned about the amount of stress we have been under, as well as the emotional distress. Though I haven't received the final report, it seems Baby Boy Stem is fine and relatively oblivious the turmoil around him. He seems to have a pretty chilled personality and the same soccer kick both his brothers were famous for.

Tuesday was the day Kev and I were both dreading. Chemo day. The unknown of it all had him paralyzed with fear and me edgy and emotional. Not the best combo, especially before sunrise. Kev's mom came down to take him to Sunnybrook so that I was able to take Quin and Cian to school. As I hugged him goodbye, I promised to be there before they started the actual chemo, I promised he wouldn't go through it without me. I just really wanted to keep that promise, I was counting on the tests that would come first and the slow motion hospitals seem to work in on a regular basis to buy me time to get there.

I arrived two minutes before they called his name. The idea of good karma was on my mind as we walked down to his room. He had a bed there, and a little chair for me. He laid down and the nurse came over to access the port in his chest. While holding my hand, they started the chemo. We were there for five and a half hours, the drip going into his chest slow and steady. Near the end of it, Kev was feeling better, brighter. It hadn't been as bad as he, or I for that matter, had imagined. They hooked up yet another bag, telling us it was the chemo he would bring home. Thursday the nurse would come to unhook him. Three days.

The next few days were spent managing all the meds and side effect preventing methods given to us. I have to say he came through it like a champ. No obvious side effects to contend with right now, no nausea. It was a great outcome, he was tolerating the chemo pretty well. That in turn lifeted his spirits, made things easier to take, made the fight more plausible. Kay, his nurse came in on thursday afternoon to unhook him, remarking how much brighter he looked. Hopefully it is the sign of things to come.

I am feeling more hopeful these days. I know the road is long, but on the flip side I'm glad it won't be short. Round one down, seven to go. The thoughts and prayers coming our way are serving us well and one day I hope to say that they accomplished their goal...that we accomplished our goal.


  1. I'm so happy to hear that Kevin reacted well to his chemo treatment and that you could be with him. I heard a saying about certain things only happen to people who can handle them...I think you and your family are remarkable. Truly. Your strength and positive outlook will serve you well. I admire you more and more each day. God Bless.

  2. Hi Catherine - I'm here, I'm reading, I'm praying. So many people are following your journey, whether through your blog or through word of mouth, as I was keeping up to date through Mom until now. I am so sorry about Kevin's sickness, and the deep struggles in your heart. I pray that you can find strength from your greatest source of life - your children - the two already here, and the little one to come. Please let me know if there is any way I can lend my support. Love, Linda