Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yet another week has gone by, and even as they feel like they are going slowly, the calendar is saying differently. Kev started another round of chemo this week, and it made for a week filled with ups and downs. We had the joy filled two weeks in between chemo to relish in the good news about the scans, the smiles on our faces a permanent happy fixture. Even the fact that another round of chemo was set to start didn't rain on the parade.

We definitely did have a lighter step as we made our way to sunnybrook on Tuesday. It was nice to go there having the feeling that the treatment is working. The first round we just hoped it would, didn't know for sure. How soon we forgot how much the chemo treatment could kick you down though. For the first time in a blissful week Kev felt tired, nauseous and just generally crappy. Both of us put on the brave face, armed with the knowledge that it has been working. It did help. We got through it together.

Wednesday Kev was feeling stronger and insisted it would be a good idea to take the boys to wonderland when Quin finished school. I think it is his way of continuing the normalcy he wants for the boys. It was almost comical. Every ride we approached had the sign that said you can't ride this if you are pregnant or have had recent surgery. That ruled both of us out. What a pair we are.

By the end of the week I was reminded of all the wonderful people we have around us sending us good wishes and doing little things to make life a bit easier to get through. It all culminated in my best friends presenting me with some money they had raised to help us out without my knowledge. I burst into tears, happy tears that some of the financial pressure is off for awhile, but sad tears that we needed the help. Kev and I are both fiercely independent and have trouble accepting help, but are recognizing that in accepting this help, it just means a bigger commitment to helping others when we are able.

So much will be happening in the next few weeks, our two issues, Kev's cancer and my pregnancy collide in thirty seven days. On July 5th, Kev will have his last chemo treatment of this round and will be unhooked from the chemo on July 7th. It is on July 7th that we will welcome our new baby boy into this world. Hopefully it is a sign of new life for all of us...I'm just glad that Kev will be there to hold my hand as he has been twice before.

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